The Designer Behind Scrappy Planner


I’m Stephanie Clemons and welcome to ScrappyPlanner!

A little about me –

I’ve lived happily in Texas for more than ten years and I love it, with the exception of the months of June & July. Texas summers are no joke!

I’m an introvert who enjoys one-to one conversations about meaningful topics but hates phone calls and making small talk. (I also don’t really like talking about myself, but hey, I suppose we all have to do some things we don’t enjoy.)

I have a background and degrees in art, communication, and education which I use to provide digital support for online businesses. Happily, that includes quite a bit of design work.

For fun, I design bits of prettiness for digital scrapbooking and planning while managing two cats who think they should actively participate in all computer and craft work.

I also dabble in watercolor painting, read obsessively, and am learning to speak Spanish (I currently have the communication ability of um, a 4 year old).

All ScrappyPlanner creations are made with lots of love. I hope you can use them to make your life and memories pretty while bringing a smile to someone’s face (including yours)! 🙂

Happy Creating!

P.S. – If you have any questions, you can contact me at